Welcome to the ongoing adventure of self-discovery

There’s no better time than today to discover a little more of who you are as a child of God, created in the divine image and likeness.

To offer a little encouragement along the way, I have curated several past episodes of The Bible Speaks to You Podcast that focus on identity and self-discovery.

And if you have any questions or would like to talk about any of the ideas in these episodes, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’d love to know what you find the most helpful.


The journey of self-discovery

girl sitting in the sunshine, your identity in Christ
Finding your identity in Christ
man on mountain looking at sunrise, being born again
Being Born Again: A One-time Event or an Ongoing Process?
Why Is It So Hard to Put Off the Old Self?
blue mosaics, Your Name Is Written in Heaven
Your Name Is Written in Heaven
Why Is it So Hard to Love Yourself?
gold coins, Using Your God given Talents
Using Your God-given Talents
toddler playing in the mud, Are You Grateful God Created You
Are You Grateful God Created You?
big dog and little dog, comparing yourself to others
Comparing Yourself to Others versus Spiritual Equality
sunset over water, your immortality
It’s Time to Think about Your Immortality
abstract pastel painting of mother and child, what is your relationship with Jesus
What Is Your Relationship with Jesus?
orange dahlia, be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect
Why Did Jesus say, “Be Perfect as Your Father in Heaven Is Perfect”?
purple and black mosaic swirl, you are the image and linkeness of God
You Are the Image and Likeness of God. What the Heck Does that Mean?

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