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“James Early’s three-day Bible workshop changed my life.
I fell in love with the Bible all over again.”

Getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus

Jesus began his public ministry with the simple words, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Have we even scratched the surface on what that means?

Even though Jesus declared this powerful truth almost 2,000 years ago, we still somehow think of the kingdom of heaven somewhere else and in the future.

In all his presentations and events, Bible teacher James Early brings participants back to this original message of Jesus, that the kingdom of heaven is not way off in the future, but at hand and within us.

Bible study, Bible talks and workshops are not just to learn more information about things that happened thousands of years ago. James brings the stories of the Bible to life by applying their lessons to daily life. He says, “Exploring the Bible, with whatever approach, is about experiencing more of God’s presence and your relationship with the divine, learning to love the way Jesus did, and letting this light of love shine out into the world.”

James Early Bible teacher

Embracing the mindset of Jesus

James "made the Bible feel so alive"

“I thoroughly enjoyed James’ Bible workshop at Broadview. His analysis of Bible stories and Biblical characters made the Bible feel so alive. The passion he has for the Bible is evidently clear and makes studying the Bible really insightful and fun. I have a new love and understanding of Biblical text, thanks to James.”

John Challenger


What if we could see things the way Jesus did? This is actually possible and part of our spiritual birthright. Paul declares, “We have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Jesus certainly expected us to follow his example in the way we think, live, and pray. It’s all about accepting the fact we have the mind of Christ. Embracing the mindset of Jesus is the core message of all James teaches.

Is your church or organization looking for a speaker to explore the Bible through the lens of how Jesus saw things, how he thought and prayed? James has a wide variety of topics to help you and your group take to heart and embrace the mindset of Jesus in the way you think, act, pray, and heal.

Some of my favorite things to talk about...

Short, one-day, or multiple-day presentations:
•  The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand
•  How Did Jesus Heal?
•  Praying with the Mindset of Jesus
•  Unity in the Body of Christ
•  How Does the Holy Spirit Work in Us and the World?

Multiple-day workshops:
•  All the Women in the Bible

•  All the Angels in the Bible: What They Say to Us Today

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I look forward to sharing the healing message of the Bible with you.

The Bible Speaks to You