Emmanuel: God with Us

Last year at our Church’s Christmas program, my youngest daughter, Laura (then 13) recited a poem she had written especially for the occasion.

Then on Christmas morning, much to my delight, she presented me with her poem mounted on a piece of original art.  It is cut-out work and looks more like a stained glass window.

So I give to you here Laura’s poem and picture.  It is very thoughtful and reminds me that God is with us in many more ways than we often remember in our hurry scurry lives.

My hope and prayer for you this Christmas season is that you will feel the presence of Emmanuel in a deeper way than ever before.  It is a collective presence and requires all mankind to share it.  God is not just with you and me individually, but He is with us all–collectively.

Jesus came to bear witness to this great truth.  Shall we not follow his example?

Christmas Blessings on us all,


Emmanuel: Poem and Artwork by Laura Taylor Early










  • patti

    what lovely sentiments and art.

  • Ruth Robinson

    Wonderful, wonderful. Thanks for sharing this loving and needed message. “And a child shall lead them.”

  • http://Website Joanne Demetra

    Hi James..
    Thank you for sharing this with us… how beautiful this is! What a lovely and loving gift… thank her for all of us.
    Many blessings

  • http://washingtoncommittee.com Bill Scott

    Nice post James! Thanks for sharing and best wishes for the new year!