Can You Follow Jesus for 20 Days?

Jesus and the Samaritan woman
Jesus and the Woman of Samaria at Jacob’s Well

Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” John 14:15

How serious are you about following Jesus’ example in your daily life?

Well, it’s time to take it up to a new level.

A friend invited me to this Facebook event her church is promoting for the first 20 days of February.

The idea is to be spiritually radical in following specific examples from Jesus’ life.  Not dogmatically, but practically, in the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

Here’s the way it works:

20 Days. 20 Radical Acts.

Here’s the invitation from their Facebook page (see the link below):

“Are you up for the Challenge? Jesus taught it. Can you live it?

“Join the TMC Youth Community around the world for this challenge. Starting February 1st, we’re going to commit to focusing on one Radical Act a day and then share how we’ve put it into practice or gotten better insight about it.”

They pretty  much leave it up to you as to how literal you want to take these directives.  Personally, I’d start with the spirit of each one.  But let the Holy Spirit move you.

 Here’s the schedule:

 2/1 – Be childlike

2/2 – Befriend lepers, prostitutes, “undesirables”

2/3 – Cast the beam out of your own eye

2/4 – Challenge Pharisees

2/5 – Do good to people that hate you

2/6 – Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter strangers, visit prisoners

2/7 – Forgive 70 X 7

2/8 – Heal the sick, cast out evil, raise the dead

2/9 – Let your light shine

2/10-Live more abundantly

2/11-Lose your life to find it

2/12-Love your neighbor as yourself

2/13-Multiply loaves and fishes

2/14-Seek the kingdom first – don’t worry about food/drink/clothing

2/15-Sell what you have – give to the poor

2/16-Take up your bed and walk

2/17-Travel without a wallet

2/18-Turn water into wine

2/19-Walk on water

2/20-Wash someone’s feet


Here’s the link if you want to officially participate: Follow Jesus’ Example for 20 Days   I encourage you to join in because people will be sharing how they have tried to put these ideas into practice and we can all learn from each other.

Will you accept the challenge?

If you do, just say “I accept” in the comment section below.

You will bless others and God will bless you.




  • Susan M. Merlo

    Interesting! I was reflecting last night (couldn’t sleep with all the windy noise) on what it means to be “in the world” instead of “of the world”, and realized I have strayed from where I want to be in that regard. This seems like the perfect step in the right direction. I’m in!

  • Kira

    All listed in there are good deeds? Prayer is missing there… we cannot only please God by only doing these things… God is pleased when His children comes to him in prayer… If you question me “What about Good works?” The time when we accepted Jesus Christ we are already bound to doing good things because the holy spirit is already with us and we are not bound to sin(or doing bad things.) although we still sin we are not bound to it… Relationship With God is the most important not doing good deeds… Here’s a challenge How about Prayer and fasting for 20 days?

  • Kira

    Sister priotize your relationship with christ by praying and studying His word because doing those 20 challenges without relationship with Christ, it will be to no effect…

  • James Early

    Jesus said that not everyone who called him Lord would enter the Kingdom, but those who DO the will of the Father who is in heaven. So I would not be so fast to discredit good deeds. I’m not talking doing good deeds just for good deeds’ sake, but in obedience to Christ. Jesus said, If ye love me keep my commandments. This list of 20 things is only a partial list of the things Jesus expected us to do. And you’re absolutely right, prayer is not on the list. I guess I felt like prayer is a given. There is no way I could forgive someone 70 x 7 times without praying about it. Same with everything else on the list. I agree that it is our relationship with God that is important–not just doing good deeds. But in the context of being a follower of Jesus, the good deeds take on a deeper significance and are acts of grace that God Himself impels us to do. If I had just posted this list of things to do without the context of following Jesus, I think your remarks would hit home a little harder. But we are talking about following Jesus’ example here. He did everything through prayer. That’s what we all must do.

    You suggest 20 days of prayer and fasting. That’s a great idea. Have you ever done that? What effect did it have on you? When I have fasted, there has been deep spiritual renewal.

    Have you ever tried to follow Jesus’ example in any of the 20 things on the list above (with prayer of course)? I highly recommend it.

    Yes, we are saved by grace, but Jesus said that we must live our faith and put our love for our fellow man into practice in daily life. He said to the fellow who asked, “Who is my neighbor?” to go and DO what the good Samaritan had done, not just sit at his comfortable Bible study desk and love his neighbor in theory.

    God had given you a good and loving heart. Bless you.